What We Do

Technology Roadmapping

Big, complex problems require collective action from diverse stakeholders and organizations. Aligning that collective action is difficult. Our roadmapping process makes it easier.

How We Do It

  • Identify prioritized pathways for technology development and deployment
  • Engage the right experts and decision-makers in the roadmapping process to ensure accuracy and buy-in

The Nexight Advantage

  • Pioneering expertise — We have developed more than 100 roadmaps across 6 continents in a variety of topic areas, including:
    • Advanced manufacturing
    • Cell manufacturing and novel medical products
    • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
    • Materials science R&D
    • Infrastructure and cybersecurity
  • Bespoke solutions — We tailor our roadmapping process to meet your organization’s specific needs because we know one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Outcomes, not just outputs — We are experts at communicating complex information in a clear, meaningful, and engaging way. So our roadmaps don’t sit on shelves: they get results.

Examples With Impact

Impact: This roadmap outlines a unique patient-centered approach to advancing kidney dialysis alternatives and is informing innovation initiatives such as the KidneyX prize competition.

Impact: More than $20 million in funding has been secured to implement the roadmap activities and other initiatives needed to advance next-generation cell manufacturing technologies.

Impact: This roadmapping guide is helping national planners build their own energy technology roadmaps and has been leveraged by many countries, including China and Singapore.

Impact: Roadmap research priorities are currently informing funded projects to improve materials recovery, reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling within U.S. manufacturing.

Impact: The roadmap informed the Singapore government’s launch of the Building Energy Efficiency R&D Hub and will help Singapore achieve its goal of low-energy high-rise buildings in the tropics.

Impact: This roadmap identifies breakthrough opportunities for materials and manufacturing innovation that can deliver significant energy, environmental, and economic impacts.