What We Do

Strategic Planning

Making an impact must start with a solid plan. Our strategic planning process gets all your stakeholders focused on common goals and the right activities.

How We Do It

  • Define goals, objectives, and desired outputs and outcomes
  • Align the actions of essential stakeholders
  • Focus resources on the right activities

The Nexight Advantage

  • Diverse experience — We have developed more than 50 strategic plans for both programs and entire organizations, from academic departments to government agencies with complex missions.
  • Unbiased objectivity — As a third party, we can gather diverse and sometimes contradictory inputs from senior leaders, staff, and external stakeholders and help identify areas of common ground.
  • Success tracking — Our measurement experts build customized approaches to help an organization track progress against its plan.
  • Stakeholder alignment — Our strategic plans are also communications tools that organizations can use to ensure their broad stakeholders are aligned.

Examples With Impact

Impact: ASME and its partners from the engineering community are using this strategic plan to better plan for and reduce the probability and consequences of complex systems failures.

Impact: The FASGCC used this strategic plan to communicate priorities to government leaders and industry partners and proposed our process as the ideal planning process for other GCCs.

Impact: This strategic plan helped ASME support standards, methodologies, events, and projects focused on the increased use of sustainable products and processes in U.S. manufacturing.