What We Do

Core Services

  • Analysis and Studies Quality data and sound analysis are the backbone of a successful strategy. Our approach to data analysis and studies enables evidence-based decisions.
  • Communications and Outreach A compelling story can inspire change. We can help you deliver messages that drive your target audiences to act.
  • Facilitation and Stakeholder Engagement The toughest problems demand fresh thinking from many points of view. Our facilitation and stakeholder engagement process helps diverse experts work through complex problems in new ways.
  • Performance Management To maximize programmatic impact, you must measure the results of your activities. Our approach helps you assess and communicate the effectiveness of your actions and drive change.
  • Program Execution Delivering programmatic results does not happen by accident. Success demands skilled planning and effective management. Our program execution support drives programmatic impact and results.
  • Strategic Planning Making an impact must start with a solid plan. Our strategic planning process gets all your stakeholders focused on common goals and the right activities.
  • Technology Roadmapping Big, complex problems require collective action from diverse stakeholders and organizations. Aligning that collective action is difficult. Our roadmapping process makes it easier.