What We Do

Analysis and Studies

Quality data and sound analysis are the backbone of a successful strategy. Our approach to data analysis and studies enables evidence-based decisions.

How We Do It

  • Gather comprehensive, high-quality data from a variety of credible sources, including primary research
  • Interpret qualitative and quantitative information, distilling the insights that are most meaningful to target audiences
  • Summarize complex information, frame questions, and make key connections among findings to aid decision-making

The Nexight Advantage

  • Technical versatility — We specialize in rapidly getting ourselves up to speed and becoming conversant in diverse and highly technical areas.
  • Trusted synthesis and translation — We apply rigorous data collection and analysis techniques so you can make powerful statements with authority.
  • Quality, high-profile products — Our studies are often used by industry leaders and at the highest levels of government.

Examples With Impact

Impact: The report helped NASA define the 25-year future state and R&D initiatives required to accelerate less costly innovation in aerospace and aeronautical systems.

Impact: This first-ever report on the landscape of regenerative medicine standards informs organizational decision-making and standards advancement efforts across the field.

Impact: PERC used the study’s unbiased, credible information to educate the propane industry, policymakers, and consumers about energy options and to inform future R&D.

Impact: ASME has used the scan report to inform its activities in advanced manufacturing, including the launch of a major new conference.

Impact: ASME is using the resulting Energy Indicators Scorecard to inform policymakers and the public of the status and needs of the U.S. energy sector.

Impact: This award-winning journal article has delivered practical information on how to configure and mitigate vulnerabilities in smart grid systems to thousands of energy utility executives.