Nexight Group

Over the past month, there have been new sounds at Nexight Group: construction sounds. While we moved into our new suite in the same building last fall, our office renovation began recently. We have been watching our office space transform as our contractors knock down walls and build new ones, put in new carpet, and apply fresh coats of paint. We’re excited about our new space and the increased flexibility it will afford us.

“Collaboration is at the heart of Nexight Group’s approach to solving complex challenges,” says Nexight Group Executive Vice President Ross Brindle. “That’s why I’m pleased that our new office space creates open areas where informal collaboration occurs naturally while creating collaboration rooms for more structured team work. We also strive to provide flexibility and recognize that everyone works differently. With our open floor plan and variety of working spaces, we give everyone a space to suit their task and mood.”

To track the progress of the renovation and better show the before and after of our space, we’ve added a new page to our website: Our Office Expansion. We’ll be updating the page weekly as we head into Phase 2 of renovations.

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