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To celebrate Small Business Week, we asked our staff to talk about what it’s like to work at our small business. Here are some of their answers:

Sarah LichtnerAt Nexight, staff with all levels of experience have countless opportunities to take the lead on tasks, projects, and company initiatives such as developing web content and leading lunch-and-learns. Since we’re constantly striving to find ways to develop better products for our clients, all ideas are heard and valued. However, given our small size, we don’t have a dedicated marketing team, IT department, or business development point person. There are sometimes many tasks to balance at once, but also many opportunities to learn and gain a significantly greater understanding and appreciation for what it takes to run a business. – Sarah Lichtner, Technical Writer and Editor

Chris AverillWorking at a small company like Nexight allowed me to make meaningful contributions right when I started, and my contributions have continued to grow. Our leaders are also candid about our business operations, which allows someone who is relatively early in their career—like me—to understand some of the reasoning behind why things operate the way they do. This will improve my ability to make business decisions in the future. – Chris Averill, Technical Analyst

Ross BrindleOne major benefit of working at a small firm is that Nexight feels like a second family. I know and genuinely care for all my colleagues. This not only feels great, but is also our secret weapon to accomplish large and difficult tasks. We can provide diverse and valuable work with a small team because we support and trust each other, push one another, and hold each other to the highest standards of excellence, creativity, analytic rigor, and integrity. – Ross Brindle, Chief Executive Officer

Jenn GanssA huge benefit is that you know everyone by name at all levels of the company; we’re not just employee ID numbers at Nexight. We also have the flexibility to go after work that we’re interested in, anything that will contribute to the Nexight brand. The one disadvantage is that there is an element of risk in going after and maintaining new contracts, as far as the availability of our small number of employees. – Jenn Ganss, Research and Communications Analyst

Shruti KuppaWorking at a small business allows for the perfect balance of project independence and individualized career development. Since my first day at Nexight, I have felt like a valuable member of our office and have gotten to work on fun and challenging projects. Because of our smaller team size, I have optimal two-way communication with my manager that helps me become a better consultant. – Shruti Kuppa, Research and Communications Analyst

While there are some challenges to working at a small business, such as limited staff and resources, the benefits are extensive. Nexight provides many opportunities for our employees to drive their own fulfilling and challenging careers in a collaborative environment.

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