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We’re Settling In at the New Nexight Office
Nexight GroupAugust 18, 2016

It has been a busy summer for Nexight Group as we settle into our new, larger office—located in the same complex as our previous office, next to the Silver Spring Metro. We worked hard with our architects at Arktx and general contractor Spectrum to custom design our new space to encourage collaboration and provide ample flexibility to foster innovation and productivity.

Our open floorplan offers a variety of collaboration spaces. Four closed-door spaces come with flat-screen TVs that maximize the value of presentations, project discussions, training sessions, and staff meetings. High tables with stools, comfortable couches, and numerous living room-style chairs with accompanying tables can be found throughout the office, giving our team the option to move around for a change of scenery. Our new kitchen has a communal table, high-top counter, and side tables where people can eat, chat, and work in a place away from their desks. To accommodate individual work style preferences, some of our new desks include movable monitor arms or adjustable height units that offer staff the flexibility to do work while standing or sitting.

With the whole floor to ourselves, we’re surrounded by large windows that bring natural light to every work station. The new office also boasts a wraparound balcony, providing yet another setting for getting work done while enjoying the summer weather. We’ve already held our first potluck—a fire and ice theme—on the balcony to celebrate the move.

We’re incredibly excited about all of the features in our new space. Here’s what some of our staff have to say:

Ross BrindleOur open floorplan encourages “accidental collaboration” through overheard conversations and impromptu discussions. I’ve already seen firsthand how these purpose-built spaces are encouraging more interaction and creativity from our team. – Ross Brindle, Chief Executive Officer

Markovitz_Vicky-2015I love all the flexible workspaces we’ve integrated into the new space. Already, I’ve done some background reading in the hammock; created a project schedule with a colleague using the whiteboards in the co-working space; and alternated between sitting, standing, and using a ball chair at my desk. – Victoria Markovitz, Communications Specialist

Greg_our_team_photoThe office is spacious, quiet, and provides an exceptional 360-degree scenic view of downtown Silver Spring. – Greg Hildeman, Technical Program Manager

John MortensenThe open design produces an atmosphere of collaboration and team-building that other designs cannot approach. – John Mortensen, Vice President

Ward_Beth-10-28-2014The balcony is by far my favorite feature in the new office. I’ve already taken advantage of working outside and am looking forward to the heat wave ending so I can continue to do so. – Beth Ward, Communications Specialist

Rachel LanspaThe new office is open and welcoming. I love being able to look out a window in any room and the amount of natural light. – Rachel Lanspa, Technical Writer and Editor

Once all of the furniture we ordered arrives and the space is more final, we’ll be sure to post a complete walkthrough of the space. Until then, a few work stations are still waiting for their rightful occupants. Check out our current available positions and consider joining our team!

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