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Q&A with New Research Analyst Jay Carey
Nexight GroupAugust 12, 2018

Nexight Group is happy to welcome Jay Carey to the team as a new Research Analyst. Jay graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in Environmental Science and a concentration in Soil and Watershed Science, and comes to us with two years of writing, analysis, and customer support experience. We sat down with Jay to ask him a few questions about himself, his views, and his new role at Nexight.

Tell us a little about yourself.
As my education indicates, I have always been interested in the structure and function of natural and man-made systems. Analysis, research, and writing of technical subjects is a natural extension of my childhood fascination with how things worked. My choice of study at UMD led me to initially pursue a career in environmental science; I formerly wrote site assessments, describing environmental contamination for risk-analysis. I’ve also spent a lot of time working in bicycle shops, which has given me a customer-focused attitude that has proven invaluable countless times.

Outside of work, I like to spend time reading (primarily science fiction and scientific non-fiction), riding my bicycle or motorcycle, and admiring the beauty of nature.

Why did you decide to join Nexight Group?
Any company I consider working for must meet two basic criteria: the work it performs must be interesting and challenging, and this work must contribute to the betterment of the planet and humanity. Nexight easily passes this test; their diverse portfolio is full of complex, fascinating work that shares a common theme of improving human interaction and interaction with the environment. This satisfying work is made possible by a great staff. Every Nexight employee is intelligent, hard-working, and good-intentioned; it’s a pleasure working with this team.

How does your background in writing and analysis translate to your role at Nexight Group?
My education and previous experience as an environmental scientist showed me that being able to quickly understand, analyze, and research new material is very useful. Time spent in bicycle shops also taught me a great deal about customer relations. I’ve applied these lessons to my new role providing on-site client support. Getting up to speed on a new technical topic is a familiar (and fun) task for me, and my customer-focused experience has allowed me to better understand and meet the client’s needs.

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?
The opportunity to solve problems alongside great coworkers on a variety of interesting and challenging projects! I can’t state this enough; it’s what gets me up in the morning and keeps me coming back.

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