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Q&A with New Program Analyst Mel Anton
Nexight GroupSeptember 15, 2018

Nexight Group is happy to welcome Mel Anton to the team as our new Program Analyst. Mel comes to us most recently as a research analyst from a national media company. We sat down with Mel to ask her a few questions about herself, her views, and her new role at Nexight.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I earned my BA in Criminology in 2012 and my MA in Sociology in 2016, both from West Virginia University. My research expertise is in the sociology of organizations, which mostly focused on what makes organizations succeed. However, my focus was on organizations in crisis. My thesis delved into concussions in football and the NFL’s response strategy. I also focused my research into areas including organizational failure, fraud, and other white-collar crime.

After graduation, I joined a national media company as a research analyst for its automotive department. I have always enjoyed reading and learning about cars, so this work was very interesting for me. I learned how to synthesize large quantities of information into easily understandable data points for a general audience.

I have also managed a restaurant at a casino in south Florida and managed a video game retail store in West Virginia.

In my spare time, I enjoy crafting custom cocktails and playing an extensive amount of video games.

Between retail and restaurant management and your sociology and research background, how will these skills translate to success at Nexight?
All this experience has a social element to it. Learning how to interact with different types of people and guiding teams toward a common goal are extremely beneficial skills to have in this line of work. Additionally, I learned how to manage my time and my temper when projects and schedules run off the rails. These skills would be helpful in any workplace but are particularly suited for Nexight because every day is a new idea, a new goal, and a new venture.

What have you enjoyed the most since joining Nexight Group?
I was looking for a greater challenge in my professional life and I found it immediately at Nexight. The team here is a cut above and I am never at a loss for a new project or new topic to learn about. Additionally, the people here all strive for growth on a professional and personal level, which is an environment that I not only enjoy, but thrive in.

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?
I am most excited for all the learning opportunities. I deeply enjoy learning about a new topic and then being able to educate someone else on that topic. I look forward to growing into someone who can manage their own projects and contracts.

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