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Nexight Group is happy to welcome Scott Drinkall to the team as our new Research and Communications Analyst. We sat down with Scott to ask him a few questions about himself, his views, and his new role at Nexight.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
A: My academic and professional journey began in engineering, then English language and literature, and finally human geography. This path has fostered connection with a wide array of people and a vision to see challenges from multiple angles. My graduate work at the University of Miami included a statistical analysis of the cellphone-only population, a content analysis of Florida’s state-sponsored tourism campaign, and a demographic analysis of sport venue development. More recently I administered a study on the migration of Pacific Islanders who have emigrated to the U.S.

I enjoy experiencing significant places of culture, history, and adventure—and all ocean sports (diving, surfing, swimming).

Q: Why did you decide to join Nexight Group?
A: Nexight’s mission to create opportunities for change by linking research to practice aligns with my personal approach to finding evidence-based solutions that recognize various stakeholders and conditions. Most of all, I appreciate Nexight Group’s drive to foster team members’ intellectual curiosity.

Q: How does your background translate to your role at Nexight Group?
A: In a rapidly changing world with challenges presented by urbanization and globalization, communication and research skills are increasingly necessary to filter vast quantities of information, think critically, and implement effective solutions. A geographic mindset helps to understand the context surrounding these challenges.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your new role at Nexight?
A: I am most looking forward to interacting with team members and clients to be part of a greater effort to implement diverse ideas to ultimately improve standards in health, security, and happiness.

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