Ross Brindle
Promotions at Nexight – Onward and Upward!
Ross BrindleFebruary 7, 2017

A consulting firm is only as good as its people. That’s why I’m proud to announce the promotions of several of our brightest stars!

These people are being recognized for their important contributions to the success of our clients and their growing leadership role at Nexight.

Patrick White – Vice President

Patrick directs Nexight’s work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, leads Nexight Group’s internal and external project management initiatives, and builds relationships with partner firms to better serve our clients. His experience in program management, strategy development, roadmapping, and change management initiatives helps clients make meaningful changes within their organizations and notable impacts in their fields. As a member of Nexight’s leadership, Patrick will continue serving his clients while also assuming a greater role in shaping company business strategy and processes.

Heather Mann – Director of Accounting and Administration

Heather’s work over the past two years has been instrumental to the growth of Nexight. Without her management of all accounting and administrative needs, the company literally could not function. Heather brings more than 20 years of financial management experience across diverse industries, including technology, healthcare, and building construction, in both the private and public sector. Heather complements her finance and accounting background with experience in human resource management, Defense Contract Audit Agency compliance and contract compliance. In her new role, Heather will be responsible for building internal processes, controls, and capacities needed to support Nexight’s continued growth.

Lindsay Kishter – Senior Consultant

Lindsay has been with Nexight Group since Day 1, and has played a key role in client success and business development. Lindsay’s new role reflects her close work with clients at the Departments of Energy and Agriculture to help them shape messaging, design programs, facilitate industry engagement, and communicate technical results in fresh ways. She leads smart analysis and synthesis of complex information and presents results in ways that combine sharp writing with effective design. Her specialty is complex studies, reports, and strategies that engage and combine the insights of diverse experts in industry and government.

Jared Kosters – Technical Project Manager

Jared joined Nexight as a research analyst working to produce actionable insights from complex, disparate datasets and technical concepts. In his new role, Jared will manage teams providing analytic support on technical projects at Nexight, including building technology roadmaps, conducting state-of-the-art technical reviews, creating customized data analysis tools. While Jared focuses on materials and manufacturing innovation, energy, and infrastructure protection issues, his work touches on a wider range of scientific and engineering topics that benefit from his keen ability to locate and verify technical material with certainty.

Sarah Lichtner – Project Manager and Senior Editor

Sarah was with Nexight on Day 1 and now manages a variety of Nexight’s work focused on data visualization, analysis, and technical communication. She leads the development of interactive data dashboards, data analysis summary briefings, and technology roadmaps, and she excels at developing and editing highly technical reports in the areas of energy, materials science, and manufacturing. Sarah specializes in organizing and presenting technical information to convey key messages clearly and accurately, particularly to non-technical audiences. In her new role, she will manage large, time-intensive projects to produce polished, well-researched outputs that effectively communicate and persuade audiences.

Beth Ward, PMP – Project Manager

Beth manages Nexight’s analytic support for a presidential advisory council examining complex critical infrastructure issues. This work involves leading a team to conduct research, interviews, analysis, meeting facilitation, and report development. Beth brings strong writing, editing, research, and analytic skills from her background in journalism to her work at Nexight, and specializes in providing concise and compelling content and analysis to help clients effectively communicate results. Her new role recognizes her success in managing diverse teams to produce high-quality analyses and reports under challenging circumstances, tight timelines, and resource constraints.

I am honored to call these people my colleagues and friends. Please join me in congratulating these Nexighters in reaching important career milestones!

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