Training Singapore Industry and Government Leaders on Developing Technology Roadmaps

Client: National Climate Change Secretariat, Singapore

Nexight Group developed and delivered a comprehensive three-day training course on technology roadmapping for the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) of Singapore focused to address energy and climate change challenges.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) is leading an international effort to encourage governments to use roadmaps as a strategic planning tool to help reach a 50% reduction in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. The IEA prepared a standard guide, Energy Technology Roadmaps: A Guide to Development and Implementation, to assist nations in developing roadmaps and has designed a complementary training course prepared and conducted by Nexight Group. A representative from the Singapore government was in attendance at an IEA-sponsored training course and wanted to organize a training program in Singapore on technology roadmapping to equip relevant Singapore government agencies and members of the research community with the essential knowledge and skills to embark on the development of the Roadmaps.

Our Solution

To help Singapore’s national planning to address energy and climate change challenges, we designed a course to train representatives of Singapore’s government, academia, and business community on how to organize, facilitate, prepare, and implement an energy technology roadmap. The training was based on an approach adopted by IEA and customized for the Singapore government to explain the application of national-level technology roadmapping practices, processes, and tools developed by Nexight Group.

Nexight Group developed and executed the training course in three phases:

  1. Pre-training Planning. Nexight Group proposed a course outline and prepared draft training materials that were reviewed with the customer through a series of conference calls prior to the training course. These interactions helped Nexight Group to customize the training and give staff a better understanding of the political, economic, and stakeholder realities in Singapore. Nexight staff also prepared a list of training materials and a detailed agenda.
  2. Course Delivery and Training. Nexight Group delivered a three-day, instructor-led training program by recognized staff subject matter experts based on the IEA roadmap guide. The course was tailored to the distinct needs of the Singapore government and included classroom-style instruction; hands-on exercises, worksheets, and case studies; and one-on-one consultation in support of specific planning needs. The training course explained: the concept of technology roadmapping and how roadmaps can be used to align R&D efforts to achieve policy goals; the data and analysis necessary to inform roadmap development and tracking; the techniques to carry out stakeholder consultation effectively; and the processes for developing and implementing technology roadmaps.
  3. Post-Training Consultation. Nexight Group provided ongoing feedback and consultation with training participants two weeks following the course. Nexight’s subject matter experts provided technical advice on an as-needed basis to help further the development of in-country plans.


Singapore’s government agencies are now applying the training by preparing several technology roadmaps aimed at increasing energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and increasing energy options for the nation. The first roadmaps in the series are scheduled to be completed in 2013.