Scanning the Advanced Manufacturing Environment

Client: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

We worked with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to conduct a scan of the advanced manufacturing environment that provided ASME staff with a common understanding of the most critical developments and opportunities in advanced manufacturing to inform their decisionmaking efforts about the organization’s activities in the advanced manufacturing space.


Advanced manufacturing is a relatively new but fast-growing field that offers and will continue to offer a wide range of opportunities for ASME and its member base. As an organization constantly seeking to ensure that the portfolio of activities it supports meets the engineering community’s current and future needs, ASME wanted to determine the role it could play in this field.

Our Solution

We gathered information on the most critical developments and opportunities in the advanced manufacturing space, as well as trends and opportunities that could offer real potential business value to ASME and its members. Using ASME’s current scope and future plans as well as the efforts of other non-profit organizations in the advanced manufacturing space as a guide, we pulled information from three sources:

  1. Expert interviews and meetings with 25 leaders within the advanced manufacturing community
  2. A review of advanced manufacturing literature
  3. In-house analysis of the interviews and research leveraging in-house expertise in advanced manufacturing

We distilled this research into a 60-page report and designed an integrating graphic to make the strategy and organization of the report immediately clear to ASME staff. To further enhance audience understanding, we also developed infographics highlighting specific market opportunities.


ASME staff are currently using the ASME Advanced Manufacturing Environmental Scan to inform their activities in advanced manufacturing. Most notable, it has been used to inform the launch of a major new ASME conference, the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Impact Forum.