Presenting Working Group Findings and Results to a Presidential Advisory Council

Client: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Infrastructure Protection, in support of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council

Nexight Group is providing key facilitation, expert analysis, and briefing development to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council’s (NIAC) Regional Resilience Working Group as they examine how to strengthen nationwide regional resilience.


While incident planning and response widely occurs at the state and local level, large-scale events such as major storms require extensive regional coordination. Understanding how critical infrastructures can better coordinate within and across regional divides can strengthen the nation’s response and recovery from widespread events. Eight executives from the NIAC formed the Regional Resilience Working Group in April 2012 to examine how regions can become more resilient.

Our Solution

We perform in-depth research and expert analysis in support of the Regional Resilience Working Group, and help identify and crystallize conclusions for the Working Group to present to the full NIAC. Though the study is still ongoing, the briefing Nexight prepared for the Working Group chair to deliver at the October 2012 NIAC Quarterly Business Meeting captured six month of investigation into regional resilience issues.

As part of the Working Group’s in-depth study, Nexight Group:

  • Analyzed existing federal authorities concerning state, local, and regional disaster response
  • Examined state-of-the-art tools, guides, and measurement frameworks designed to strengthen regional resilience
  • Conducted four interviews with leading resilience practitioners to better understand the landscape of regional resilience frameworks

Throughout the study, Nexight analyzed and summarized research findings and presented them to the Working Group through weekly conference calls for member deliberation. For the October 2012 Quarterly Business Meeting, we synthesized initial study themes and hypotheses in a presentation that summarized Working Group progress to date. The Working Group drew these early conclusions from our extensive research, which we summarized in a succinct 35-page Research Compendium to provide supporting background to the presentation.



After presenting study progress, the Regional Resilience Working Group gained additional feedback from NIAC members and DHS leadership. The Working Group tasked a Study Group to carry out a case study of regional resilience, with Nexight Group support, to inform the Working Group’s findings and recommendations it will ultimately submit to the president.