Launching a Materials Data- and Information-Sharing Network

Client: ASM International

To aid in accelerating the discovery and deployment of advanced materials, Nexight Group is working with ASM International to develop an interactive materials data- and information-sharing network.


Advanced materials play an integral role in addressing challenges in energy, national security, and human welfare. But, discovering, developing, and moving these materials to market is a slow and costly process that often inhibits meaningful progress. In 2011, the Obama Administration established the Materials Genome Initiative to accelerate the discovery and deployment of advanced materials twice as fast and at a fraction of the cost. To answer this call, the nation’s research communities, industries, and government agencies must work together and have access to reliable materials data and information.

As a vital materials professional society, ASM International plays a critical role in data development and dissemination by bringing together industry, government, and academia to meet community needs. ASM is working to establish a network—the Computational Materials Data Network—to promote the information and data sharing that is critical to the rapid discovery and deployment of advanced materials.

Our Solution

We are currently assisting ASM International in the development and launch of the Computational Materials Data Network. To ensure that the network is generating, capturing, and sharing the data most needed by the materials community, we are working directly with ASM and a steering committee made up of materials and industry experts. Using our material science and strategic planning expertise, we are both building critical relationships with members of the industry and research communities and developing a framework for a robust and interactive network that will serve as the central resource for materials data and information.

To ensure the successful launch the Computational Materials Data Network, we are carrying out the following activities:

  • Driving the development of projects in both the public and private sector that will generate needed materials data in areas including manufacturing in-process materials data, fundamental materials data, and the creation of a national materials research database.
  • Conducting strategic planning efforts to ensure that the network is not only developed in a way that best suits the needs of industry and researchers, but also that it has well-thought-out business models in place to ensure its sustainability.
  • Implementing branding and awareness-building efforts to establish the network in the industry and research communities; to date, we have developed materials such as a monthly e-newsletter, fact sheets on ASM’s materials data expertise and the capabilities of the CMD Network, content for, and presentations to encourage partnerships.


Nexight Group will continue to help build and grow the Computational Materials Data Network into a valued resource for the nation’s industry and research communities. Ultimately, the network will contribute to achieving the Materials Genome Initiative goal to accelerate the discovery and development of advanced materials.