Increasing the Reuse of Municipal Wastewater at Power Plants

Client: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Nexight Group helped experts from municipal wastewater utilities and electric utilities work together to develop a collaborative path forward for conducting wastewater reuse projects at power plants.


Experts have begun exploring the reuse of municipal wastewater, also known as reclaimed water, in electric utilities to safely meet the water needs of the power producing process while conserving freshwater for other uses. However, major technical, regulatory, communication, and public perception barriers make it difficult to launch new projects that incorporate reclaimed water into electric utilities. To make these projects work, municipal wastewater utilities and electric utilities must collaborate closely with one another and coordinate their efforts over long periods of time. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) engaged Nexight Group to bring together experts who could help identify best practices and future directions for wastewater reuse efforts at power plants.

Our Solution

We helped ASME facilitate more than 20 experts from electric utilities, municipal wastewater treatment facilities, and research organizations at the the Best Practices and Future Directions Workshop. Through a series of highly interactive discussions, we worked to identify the following:

  • Key characteristics of successful municipal wastewater projects
  • Barriers to successful municipal wastewater projects
  • Next steps to overcome the barriers to success

We captured the results from this workshop to develop the Best Practices and Future Directions report, which outlines priority best practices and potential action plans that ASME and WEF can support to help new projects launch.


Recently published on and distributed at the WEF Technical Exhibition and Conference, the report will be used to help municipal wastewater plants and electric utilities initiate new reclaimed water utilization projects and to guide the efforts of ASME and WEF as they strive to support such projects.