Identifying Business Opportunities in Climate Change Mitigation

Client: The Carbon War Room

Working with the Carbon War Room, we led a team of facilitators to help leading entrepreneurs and clean technology experts identify pathways to accelerate green solutions that can create economic growth and make gigaton-scale carbon reductions.


Since the oil crises of the 1970s, billions of dollars have been pumped into technology development in the areas of energy efficiency, low-carbon energy, efficient transportation, bio-fuels, and other areas. This investment has led to hundreds of breakthroughs that today are cost effective. Yet, full commercial utilization of this innovation and its financial rewards still elude us.

The Carbon War Room—a non-profit organization that brings together entrepreneurs to find and implement market-driven solutions to climate change—recognized the need to fully realize these benefits and conceived the Creating Climate Wealth Summit series to fast-track this wealth creation opportunity.

Our Solution

During the North America Summit held May 3–4, 2011, we facilitated workshops in which more than 300 U.S. executives, investors, and entrepreneurs in the private and public sectors addressed ways to bring existing technologies to scale while meeting employment, economics, and sustainability goals. The workshops were organized into the following seven clean tech working tracks:

  • Distributed Generation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Future of Personal Transportation
  • Island Economies
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Shipping
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Following the workshop, we synthesized the results from each of the seven facilitated sessions into clear and accurate summaries.


The Carbon War Room is using the results of this workshop and others that have been held across the globe to identify barriers to success in each of the seven clean tech working tracks and accelerate solutions that can lead to gigaton-scale reductions in carbon consumption worldwide.