Helping Countries Accelerate Development of New Energy Technologies

Client: International Energy Agency

We developed a guide for national planners looking to build energy technology roadmaps for their countries.


Over the past few years, our staff helped IEA develop a series of roadmaps focused on global development and deployment of energy technologies, including carbon capture and storage, solar photovoltaics, wind energy, and electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. These roadmaps attracted attention from countries that wanted to develop their own roadmaps but that lacked knowledge of the methodology needed to do so effectively.

Our Solution

We applied our 15 years of experience developing more than 100 roadmaps across six continents to work with IEA to produce a guide that can help countries create their own comprehensive national–level energy technology roadmaps. This guide provides readers with a detailed process for analyzing data and engaging stakeholders so they can create roadmaps that direct and accelerate the development of new energy technologies. We wrote initial drafts of the guide for IEA and provided the overall roadmap process framework.


Many countries, including Singapore and China, have adopted the roadmap process and used the guide to develop national-level energy technology roadmaps.