Coordinating Data Collection and Analysis for Propane State Incentive Programs

Client: The Propane Education & Research Council

Nexight Group coordinates data collection and analysis for incentive programs across 15 state propane gas associations and provides tailored summaries of each program’s results.


The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) provides state propane associations with funding to support propane-fueled mower and vehicle demonstration programs. The performance data and user feedback gathered from these programs can help state propane associations and the propane industry to support future research, development, and marketing of propane-fueled equipment. Many state associations, however, have limited staff resources to collect and analyze program data.

Our Solution

Nexight Group helps PERC to track each program’s progress, coordinate data collection, and analyze and document program results. To provide PERC with more consistent and robust data across programs, we developed standardized pre-demonstration and post-demonstration online surveys. The surveys capture data about participants’ purchasing decision influences, equipment performance, and experience demonstrating the propane-fueled mower or vehicle.

We provide customized support to each state propane association to monitor and sustain incentive program progress. We track participant enrollment and survey completion and regularly provide status reports to each state association. As needed, we contact participants to request surveys and clarify data responses.

After we collect and compile survey data, we identify limitations in the data and analyze the results. We create highly graphical, scannable summary dashboards for each state, as well as a dashboard that summarizes the data across all of the state incentive programs.


We currently work with 15 state propane gas associations, tracking and analyzing data from about 130 participants demonstrating more than 300 vehicles or mowers. Our data summary dashboards provide valuable performance data and user feedback that support each state’s marketing efforts and help manufacturers improve their product offerings. We have supported the Propane State Incentive Program since 2013, and our work continues.