Communicating Comparative Data on Propane Remote Tank Level Monitoring Systems

Client: The Propane Education & Research Council

Based on a 130-page technical report, we worked with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) to develop a four-page executive summary for propane marketers seeking to compare 13 commercially available remote tank level monitoring (RTLM) systems.


To help inform propane marketers about their options for remotely measuring the amount of propane left in their customers’ tanks, PERC commissioned a study by Battelle Memorial Institute to compare the performance of different types of RTLM systems. The resulting 130-page report was rich in detail but not easy for propane marketers to use to quickly make equipment purchasing decisions.

Our Solution

We distilled the results of Battelle’s 130-page data-heavy report into a more scannable four-page executive summary that propane marketers can use to quickly and easily compare RTLM products. To develop the four-page executive summary, we analyzed and summarized the data from the Battelle report and designed graphics that consistently depict the performance data of each RTLM system to enable at-a-glance comparisons.

RMTM document with comparative device visuals


The executive summary has been distributed to close to 4,000 propane industry members through PERC’s e-newsletter, in person at industry conferences, and via the PERC website. It is used by propane marketers to make informed purchasing decisions between different types of RTLM systems for their businesses.


Propane Tank Level Monitoring Systems Executive Summary(Distinguished Award, Society for Technical Communication, D.C. Chapter Technical Publication Competition 2011-2012; Excellence Award, Society for Technical Communication 2012 International Summit Awards Competition)

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