Assessing the State of the U.S. Energy Sector

Client: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Nexight Group prepared a report to guide ASME through the development and delivery of an ASME Energy Indicators Scorecard, which will be used to evaluate the U.S. energy sector and inform policymakers and the general public of its current status, future trajectory, and needed improvements.


To meet the growing demand for reliable energy in the United States, it is critical to advance technologies that produce, distribute, and use energy. However, doing so will require government funding as well as support from the public—two audiences that may not have a complete understanding of the current status of the energy sector. ASME recognized the need to provide these audiences with complete, unbiased information on the energy sector.

Our Solution

To address the development of an Energy Indicators scorecard, we worked with ASME to engage stakeholders from industry, government, and academia to serve on a steering committee and begin developing the scorecard. To prepare for the workshop, we analyzed best practices from five other scorecard efforts to inform the development of the ASME Energy Indicators Scorecard and held planning meetings with TMS leadership and DOE project sponsors to define the project scope, structure the workshop agendas, and define workshop outcomes.

We then facilitated a a two-day workshop with more than 30 energy experts from industry, academia, and government to identify the components of the energy sector that will be evaluated, select the evaluation criteria, and discuss the grading and reporting process. Following the workshop, we synthesized findings from the workshop and consulted appropriate background documents and reference materials to develop a 30-page technical report that includes summary graphics that depict the energy sector components, scorecard development process, and detailed scoring matrix.

Energy indicators scorecard report cover with graphic


The report is being used as a guidance document for ASME as they work to develop and deliver the first iteration of the Energy Indicators Scorecard. In the future, this process can be replicated every two years with the purpose of increasing the understanding of the current state of our nation’s energy sector.