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STC Awards 2011-2012 covers

Nexight Group received four awards for technical communication pieces that were submitted for the 2011–2012 Summit Competition in the Society for Technical Communication’s (STC) Washington, DC metro chapter. The STC evaluates submissions for factors such as organization, the scope of the content, document design, clarity, tone, and ability to effectively communicate to the intended audience. This year, Nexight Group received two awards for distinguished technical communication, the highest award distinction, and two awards for merit. The two distinguished technical communications pieces will go on to compete in the international Society of Technical Communications competition.

Remote Tank Level Monitoring System Executive Summary
Nexight worked with the Propane Education & Research Council to develop this four-page executive summary for propane marketers seeking to compare and potentially purchase13 commercially available remote tank level monitoring systems. According to one judge, “This brochure does an excellent job of summarizing a 133 page report on technically complex and feature laden remote tank level monitoring systems in only 4 pages. It uses tables, symbols, illustrations, and three different types of headings to accomplish this objective. […] It is difficult to find anything that could be done to improve the organization and content of this brochure.”

Securing Tomorrow’s Grid (Part 1 and Part 2)
Nexight Group worked with UtilSec and the U.S. Department of Energy to develop this two-part article which clarifies misconceptions about cyber security challenges of the smart grid and provides a rare tool: practical information on technology configuration and vulnerability mitigation aimed at utility managers and executives. Judges described this piece as “highly professional communication on issues of significant national importance,” with editing that “has no noticeable flaws” and information that “appears to be comprehensive and well-organized.”

Electric Power Industry Needs for Grid-Scale Storage Applications
Nexight Group worked with The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and the U.S. Department of Energy to produce this strategic plan through 2030 to advance the development and deployment of grid-scale energy storage to meet the critical needs of the electricity industry. The STC judges referred to the report as a “nicely written piece” with “an attractive overall appearance” that enables “even non-expert readers to grasp the need for and benefits of energy storage.”

Initiative to Address Complex Systems Failure: Prevention and Mitigation of Consequences

The report summarizes recommendations for an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) strategic initiative to increase engineers’ ability to predict, manage, and mitigate the consequences of failures in complex systems. The document equips ASME executive management with a clear path forward, including key actions, resources and partners, a timeline, and key deliverables. Judges described the report with “exceptional” layout and design as “well written,” “clear of grammatical or syntax issues,” and “clearly organized.”

Nexight Group’s communications team is dedicated to communicating highly technical information to all audiences through sharp writing and innovative designs. Engineers and technical writers work together to ensure the accuracy of content in complex subject areas like energy and cyber security. Read more about Nexight Group’s communications services. Contact Lindsay Pack at 240.667.7639 for more information.