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Propane Exceptional Product Program communications materials

In October, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) launched the Propane Exceptional Product program, a new program that offers financial incentives to construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses who purchase and use selected new propane-fueled products. The program is designed to gather real-world performance data on the propane industry’s latest residential and commercial technologies and to encourage the adoption of new energy-efficient products fueled by propane.

“Getting new technologies to market can be challenging, in part because customers are often reluctant to purchase ‘unproven’ technologies,” said Ross Brindle, Executive Vice President of Nexight Group. “Demonstration programs such as the Propane Exceptional Product program offer incentives to early adopters and develop compelling case studies that highlight the advantages of these new products. Such success stories can be powerful testimonials that can propel a new product into market.”

Nexight Group worked closely with PERC to develop the strategic plan for the new program and is now supporting the implementation of the plan. Part of this effort includes the development of program outreach materials, such as a brochure, fact sheet, and press release, that are designed to communicate the benefits of the program to diverse audiences. These materials have been distributed to propane marketers, manufacturers of eligible products, and construction professionals who are ideal channels for reaching a large number of potential program participants.

Nexight Group also gathered input from participating manufacturers to develop surveys about product performance and customer experience for participants to complete before and after they use the product. Following the completion of these surveys, Nexight Group will analyze the data and communicate the results to help both the propane industry and equipment manufacturers accelerate product market acceptance and drive future innovation.

“PERC is committed to the development and commercialization of reliable and energy-efficient technologies,” said Greg Kerr, PERC director of research and development. “The Propane Exceptional Product program will expand the range of innovative propane-fueled products that the industry can offer its customers to help drive the growth of the residential and commercial propane markets.”

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