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Fuel Cells 2011 Peer Review Meeting Summary and Recommendations Report cover

In pursuing its mission to ensure the availability of ultraclean near-zero emission, abundant, and low-cost domestic energy from coal, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Clean Coal (OCC) conducts a series of independent Peer Reviews, led by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), for each of its Strategic Center for Coal Technology Programs. The peer reviews are conducted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as an independent third party with the technical expertise needed to conduct a comprehensive project review.

Nexight staff have supported eight of these five-day peer reviews in cooperation with ASME, helping to maximize the value of federal funds while also allowing NETL to respond to requirements for independent, third-party peer reviews. Most recently, Nexight supported the Fiscal Year 2011 Advanced Fuels Peer Review and FY2011 Fuel Cells Peer Review, which together provided independent reviews of nearly $200 million in federal R&D funding.

For each peer review, Ross Brindle, Nexight’s Executive Vice President, worked closely with ASME to lead the team that planned, facilitated, and documented the peer review proceedings. Sarah Lichtner, Nexight Technical Writer and Editor, led the preparation of two 100-page reports for each peer review within two weeks after the conclusion of the meeting. The Nexight peer review team synthesized highly technical project feedback into brief, accurate summaries and coordinated with the peer review panel chair and ASME staff to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of each volume.

Volume 1—the meeting summary and recommendations report—from each peer review is publicly available on the NETL peer review website. NETL will use Volume 2—an internal report with the reviewer comments on individual projects—to guide and redirect the projects, as appropriate, underscoring NETL’s commitment to funding and managing a portfolio of high-quality research.

Read more about Nexight Group’s meeting facilitation and technical reports capabilities or contact Ross Brindle at 240.667.7636 for more information.