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Innovation Impact Report cover

Demonstrating our communication, outreach, and facilitation expertise, Nexight Group organized, publicized, and moderated a webinar to release the results of a two-year study that we worked with The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop. The study identifies advances in materials and manufacturing with the most potential to bring about a clean energy future and deliver significant energy, environmental, and economic impacts to U.S. businesses in as soon as two to ten years.

As part of this effort, Nexight Group helped TMS bring together more than 100 material science and engineering experts representing societies of more than 75,000 scientists and engineers from industry, government, and academia. Nexight Group team members facilitated brainstorming sessions with these experts in two of the three phases of the study. By combining our scientific and engineering expertise with effective communication, Nexight Group led the writing, editing, and design of the study’s culminating 130-page Innovation Impact Report.

“There are tremendous opportunities that lie ahead that will enable us to sustain development of a renewable energy economy in the 21st century,” said Diran Apelian, Howmet Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Metal Processing Institute at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and chair of the study’s Blue Ribbon Panel. “The opportunities articulated in the Innovation Impact Report are powerful in that they make the case and the value proposition is clear.”

The set of opportunities identified by the study is intended to help guide research and development efforts to advance high-tech research and manufacturing in the United States, which has been designated as a priority by the Obama administration through the Materials Genome Initiative and DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office. To learn more about the study, download the electronic press kit that Nexight Group developed to inform the media and other invited webinar guests about the effort.

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