PATH facilitation training

Nexight Group’s Jack Eisenhauer and Ross Brindle led a two-day facilitation training course for eight employees of PATH (formerly the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health), an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing solutions that improve global health and well-being. Half of the participants were also members of the Global Health Technology Coalition, a group of nonprofit organizations that raise awareness of the need for technologies that can optimize global health improvements and save lives.

“Global health issues are complex and depend on effectively engaging stakeholders throughout the world,” said Mr. Brindle. “Effective facilitation is at the heart of PATH’s work. Our course was designed to give PATH employees new tools and techniques to strengthen facilitation skills, allowing them to do their important work more efficiently. Every minute saved can help PATH better address the big problems in global health.”

The two-day training course, designed by Mr. Brindle and Mr. Eisenhauer, consisted of classroom-style instruction and skill-building exercises followed by a series of participant-facilitated sessions that allowed PATH employees to gain firsthand experience. These sessions were recorded on video to provide the participants with an additional opportunity to improve their facilitation skills by observing themselves in action.

Mr. Brindle has worked with PATH over the past five years on several projects, most notably with the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative on a Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap and Malaria Vaccine Decision-Making Framework.

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