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Nexight logo at Nationals Park

Leading U.S. executives, investors, and entrepreneurs in the private and public sector met at Nationals Stadium in Washington, D.C. on May 3–4 for the first of three global Creating Climate Wealth Summits, where they identified pathways to accelerate green solutions that can create economic growth and make gigaton-scale carbon reductions. Sponsored in part by Nexight Group, the North American Summit focused on bringing existing technologies and solutions to scale across seven clean technology tracks.

Nexight Group Executive Vice President Ross Brindle led a team of facilitators for each of these tracks, helping some of the nation’s foremost minds on climate change to identify, prioritize, and map out green solutions for: distributed generation, energy efficiency, island nations, renewable fuels, shipping and freight, sustainable agriculture, and the future of personal transportation.

The Carbon War Room—a non-profit organization founded in part by Sir Richard Branson that brings together entrepreneurs to find and implement market-driven solutions to climate change—is also hosting the summit in Sydney and London this year. The summit aims to guide leaders in building on significant energy investments over the last 40 years to create economic growth, entrepreneurial wealth, and well-paid jobs while making billion ton carbon reductions.

For more information about Nexight Group’s meeting facilitation capabilities, contact Ross Brindle at 240.667.7636.