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PERC FEED 2011 report cover

In February, Nexight Group completed a report for the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) that analyzed data collected from their Propane Farm Equipment Efficiency Demonstration (FEED) program. The Propane FEED program tests the performance of new propane-fueled equipment in real-world agricultural settings. Agricultural producers who enroll in the program are offered a financial incentive in exchange for recording and reporting performance data of the equipment being tested. As part of the 2011 FEED program, 67 participants from 20 U.S. states demonstrated propane equipment (5 grain dryers, 32 irrigation engines, 30 mowers).

To gather usable, worthwhile data that can be used to inform potential customers and the research and development process, Nexight group designed two surveys for each technology. One survey was distributed to the participants before they demonstrated their new propane-fueled equipment to gain insight into how the participants receive information about new equipment, their perspectives on the use of propane for the agricultural application, and their views of the performance of their current equipment. The second survey was distributed after the participants demonstrated their new propane-fueled grain dryer, irrigation engine, or mower to gather data and perceptions about the use, performance, and maintenance needs of the propane-fueled equipment.

Nexight Group prepared a report that organized the quantitative and qualitative data from both surveys into an easy-to-navigate format that told the story of the participants’ experience with propane equipment. The report provides overall results for grain dryers, irrigation engines, and mowers and also subdivides the data according to the specific model types that participants demonstrated.

“This report provides PERC with the facts it needs to encourage additional Propane FEED program participation in 2012 and can inform the future research and development of PERC and the manufacturers of the propane equipment,” said Ross Brindle,  Nexight Group Executive Vice President. “We will compile a similar report for PERC’s 2012 Propane FEED program, which includes grain dryers, irrigation engines, greenhouse and swine enclosure heaters, and premium generator sets.”

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