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Nexight Group was recently named one of the 2020 Best Places to Work in the Greater Washington, DC area by the Washington Business Journal, based entirely on employee surveys about company engagement and satisfaction. After a competitive process, with over 400 companies nominated, Nexight was ranked in the Top 15 among medium-sized companies.

Here’s what some Nexighters had to say about why Nexight is such a great place to work:

Lindsay PackLindsay Pack

Nexight cultivates the best talent and fosters a collaborative environment that makes work enjoyable and meaningful. I get to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever known—not only do I benefit daily from my teammates’ diverse perspectives, but our work does too. Together, we’re able to produce high-quality products that have real impact—I’m proud of that and grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.


Harin ContractorHarin Contractor

It’s rare to find a mission driven consulting firm that puts their values first. Nexight brings together smart people with forward thinking client to work on society’s biggest challenges.



Anthony D'AndreaAnthony D’Andrea

Nexight fosters an environment that values and promotes collaboration and creativity. I’ve found Nexight empowers its staff to produce valuable and impactful work that results in positive change.


Karsten DaponteKarsten Daponte

The leadership promotes, and the entire team shares, values that make this a very special place: commitment to high quality work, curiosity about new topic areas, a positive work environment where diversity is valued, a fun team spirit, and a strong desire to help our customers tackle complex problems in important areas such as health, energy, and security. We are encouraged to pursue subject matter that we are passionate about, and Nexight maintains an incredibly open and supportive working culture. I know that my teammates will prioritize giving me help if I need it.


Jack HolmesJack Holmes

What I enjoy most about Nexight is that it’s truly a people-first company. When you focus on making your clients and employees happy, the rest just falls into place. It helps that Nexight hires people who are genuinely interested in their work and are driven by a passion for lifelong learning.


Gabriel HendersonGabriel Henderson

Nexight harnesses the power of collaboration and individual talent to effectively engage complex issues in society. The philosophy is simple: empowerment and growth through intellectual rigor and a commitment to exceeding expectations. That is why Nexight is a great place to work.

We’re thrilled to have received this recognition and have no plans to slow down cultivating our engaging and supportive company culture.

Check out our current position openings and consider joining us—find out for yourself why we’re one of the best places to work in DC!

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