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Opportunity Analysis for Materials Science and Engineering report cover

Innovation in materials science and processing will be a powerful enabler of long-term national and global targets for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction. Materials science and engineering breakthroughs can speed the development of advanced energy technologies and infrastructure and support large-scale deployment of renewable energy.

Aiming to build a materials science and engineering R&D portfolio that will encourage such developments, the Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program asked The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) to examine areas where materials and processing breakthroughs can lead to transformational advances in energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction.

TMS worked with Nexight Group Executive Vice President Ross Brindle and Energetics Incorporated to convene a blue-ribbon panel of 21 leaders from industry, academia, and government to prioritize energy production and use areas that materials science and engineering innovations could most impact. The panel ultimately identified four cross-cutting themes and three foundational areas for DOE to pursue work, and this Phase I effort culminated in the Vision Report of the Energy Materials Blue Ribbon Panel.

In Phase II, Ross led a team in facilitating four expert Technical Working Groups to identify the six highest impact opportunities in which product or process innovation can lead to radical cost reduction or performance breakthroughs.

“The experts at the workshop identified important near-term materials science needs while helping to raise the profile of materials science as critical to a clean energy economy,” Ross said.  “This intensive effort brings focus to the often overlooked role that materials science can play in enabling new energy technologies that save energy and reduce carbon emissions.”

DOE will use the resulting report, Opportunity Analysis for Materials Science and Engineering, to inform its materials science research program.

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