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Nexight Group is a new type of consulting company that operates at the critical intersections where powerful ideas often succeed or fail. Drawing on 45 years of combined technical and management consulting experience, we offer a new approach for solving complex problems using structured, collaborative strategies.

Today’s challenges often demand the collective insights of leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Yet few companies know how to harness the creative energy of these leaders to discern innovative solutions that get results. At Nexight Group, we provide government and industry clients with proven, innovative planning strategies that keep pace with a dynamic world and focus on outcomes.

Think of Nexight Group as a “link tank” that brings together global clients in the public and private sectors, often with disparate interests, and focuses their expertise toward a common goal. Our team has facilitated more than 250 strategy and roadmapping sessions in dozens of sectors throughout the United States and internationally on six continents. We work to break the deadlock of inaction and enable our clients to make critical decisions and implement solutions in energy efficiency, infrastructure protection and resilience, climate change, cyber security, water and resource management, and public health.

Nexight Group is a team of highly talented critical thinkers and expert facilitators, strategic planners, and communicators. Located in Silver Spring, MD, we are minutes from the nation’s capital, but serve a wide range of national and international clients.

So what is the “Nexight?” It is that critical point at which diverse stakeholders discover a new idea, approach, or process that will effect change. It is that “a-ha!” look we see on the faces of experts during a strategy session. It is the point at which a group facing complex, persistent challenges changes course and begins moving forward with a common direction and intention. It is the insight that occurs at the nexus of powerful ideas.

We offer a portfolio of strategic planning and analysis, partnership development, facilitation, roadmapping services, and technical expertise tailored to reveal the Nexight and develop a plan for each stakeholder group to act on it. Our highly effective technical communications deliver a compelling message built on sharp writing and functional design, keeping stakeholders informed, aligned, and engaged.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us and what we do. Or send us an e-mail, and we’d be happy to talk about what you’re looking for.


Jack Eisenhauer
President and CEO

Ross Brindle
Executive Vice President

Nexight Group LLC

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