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Energy Technology Roadmaps: A Guide to Development and Implementation report cover

Responding to growing and urgent concerns about the consequences of climate change, many countries have begun the shift to more sustainable forms of energy. However, integrating new energy sources requires extensive time and resources. At a time when the global economic slowdown continues to weigh on all nations, no one country can afford to waste resources pursuing the wrong strategies. Careful planning can mean the difference between wasting precious resources and achieving real change.

To assist countries in this undertaking, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently published Energy Technology Roadmaps: A Guide to Development and Implementation. This guide provides readers with detailed information about how to create roadmaps that can direct and accelerate the development of new energy technologies. Nexight Group wrote initial drafts of the guide and provided the overall roadmap process framework, applying our deep expertise in technology roadmapping and our direct experience in supporting IEA’s global roadmapping efforts.

Nexight Group principals Jack Eisenhauer and Ross Brindle have developed international reputations as experts in technology roadmapping during the past 10 years. Mr. Brindle has consulted for the IEA on several of its roadmapping efforts to date, including roadmaps addressing global development and deployment of carbon capture and storage, solar photovoltaics, wind energy, and electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

“We were pleased to be asked by the IEA to lend our roadmapping expertise to this guide,” said Mr. Brindle, Nexight Group’s Executive Vice President. “Jack and I have refined the roadmapping process outlined in the guide over the past decade while leading hundreds of roadmapping efforts around the world. Hopefully, the guide will inspire countries to adopt a roadmapping approach for their energy technology programs. Ultimately, I believe doing so will help these countries to develop and deploy clean energy technologies sooner.”

Nexight Group partnered with Scheer Ventures LLC to develop sections of the guide. Rich Scheer, owner of Scheer Ventures, is a long-time colleague of Ross and Jack and an ongoing collaborator on roadmapping activities. Lindsay Pack, Director of Communications at Nexight Group, also made valuable writing, editing, and design contributions.

For more information, please contact Ross Brindle at 240.667.7636.