Brad Sinkaus
How Nexight Helps Recent Grads Succeed
Brad SinkausAugust 20, 2015


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Two years ago, I arrived at Nexight Group fresh out of my undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. While apprehensive for my first professional endeavor, I have since acquired key skills from working with the company’s collaborative, knowledgeable, and dedicated team. I’ve written more than a dozen blog posts, pored over Excel spreadsheets, edited client documents, and attended conference calls, many of which culminated in a comprehensive report on transportation resilience for the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC).

Through all of these tasks, I have gained valuable insight into the field of technical consulting, while obtaining professional experience and forming relationships with my colleagues. The complexity of the problems Nexight tackles combined with a collaborative, diverse team makes our company one of the most rewarding places for a recent college graduate to begin a professional career.

  • Complexity: How can infrastructure be more resilient? Why are public-private partnerships crucial for protecting the nation? How can propane be used as a renewable energy source? Nexight is tackling complex problems with global impact, and all team members are actively part of crafting solutions through the use of effective communication, in-depth research, and comprehensive data analysis. For example, I’ve become adept at Microsoft Excel, particularly using pivot tables to examine data and develop impactful charts and graphs to support our analysis. The warm atmosphere at Nexight meant that more experienced team members helped answer questions, provide tips and best practices, and help me craft a high-quality deliverable.This shared desire among coworkers to better the company is a vital element in the firm’s success.
  • Collaboration: Throughout my time here, I’ve worked directly with almost everyone at the company. While it may be unusual at most firms for employees to work directly with a company’s CEO, it is an essential component of Nexight’s business model: fostering a flexible, friendly, and collaborative working environment. One of my most rewarding experiences here has been working closely with Nexight CEO Jack Eisenhauer and other senior staff on the NIAC report. With weekly conference calls, subject matter expert interviews, facilitations, numerous report drafts, and 508 compliance, the NIAC effort exemplified the gamut of skills necessary to produce a major government research study successfully.
  • Diversity: Nexight employees have diverse backgrounds with a broad range of skills. From energy policy to anthropology, every team member has something unique to bring to the table, which makes working with them a constant learning experience. Recently, to leverage these diverse skill sets, the company started Nexight Academy, an internal training program featuring topics such as Facilitation Training, Public Speaking, and IT Best Practices. It’s enriching to work in an office where people are deeply passionate about their work, willing to share their knowledge, and committed to improvement.

The opportunities afforded to me over the last two years have been unexpected, exciting, and enlightening. Nexight Group’s intimate environment mixed with its substantive work make it the perfect environment for a recent graduate to thrive. If you’re looking for a rewarding place to begin your career, check out our open positions on the Careers page. You’ll be happy you did! I know I am.

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