Ross Brindle
Announcing Five Promotions at Nexight
Ross BrindleJanuary 6, 2021

I started my professional career in 1997, with a freshly minted chemical engineering degree, lots of curiosity and enthusiasm, and absolutely no clue what my exciting new consulting job actually entailed.

Soon I was developing technology roadmaps that charted research pathways to achieve a future end state. We typically used the year 2020 as the long-term destination for our roadmaps. Twenty years is sufficiently far into the future to imagine radical transformation, but also within the working lives of most seasoned professionals and thus conceivable. (Plus, the puns! I am ashamed of how many times I made “2020 vision” puns!)

Never did I imagine 2020 would be like this. The year brought so much upheaval, suffering, and sadness to so many people.

Nexight shifted to 100% remote work on Friday, March 13th. Initially, we sought to hunker down and mark time through the pandemic, attempting to maintain the status quo through so much turmoil. But as we realized we would be spending at least a year in this remote environment, we decided maintaining the status quo wasn’t good enough.

Our people are too smart and ambitious to put their careers on hold for a year. Our clients face pressing challenges as they execute their missions—missions that became more urgent during the pandemic. Most importantly, the problems we work to help solve—in energy, cybersecurity, health, infrastructure, manufacturing, and scientific research—are far too important to be put on hold.

I’m incredibly proud of the work we did in 2020 under such challenging circumstances. Every single person at Nexight contributed to our success, and the success of our clients.

I am especially proud of the work of five individuals, all of whom have earned promotions:

PATRICK WHITE – Chief Operating Officer

Patrick WhitePatrick was the second person we hired at Nexight post-launch. He has distinguished himself as an effective manager, trusted partner, and exceptional leader at Nexight. He has a knack for finding just the right amount of process needed to drive efficiency toward outcomes without creating red tape, both for our customers and for the firm. That’s why I am excited for him to become Nexight’s first Chief Operating Officer.

As the COO, Patrick will work closely with me to manage all aspects of the company’s consulting and administrative operations. He will lead our efforts to mature and formalize company processes necessary to support continued growth. He will also continue to serve our clients at the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, where he and his teams serve as trusted advisors working to improve the resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

STEVE BOLOTIN – Program Manager

Stephen BolotinSince joining Nexight as a Strategy Consultant in 2019, Steve has become an integral part of key cyber threat information sharing and vulnerability analysis programs overseen by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER). Steve has quickly distinguished himself as someone who can help program leads think strategically; manage high-priority, multi-stakeholder projects with a strict attention to detail; and develop the technical understanding to approach complex cybersecurity challenges in critical infrastructure.

Steve expertly facilitates strategic partnerships between leading energy companies, thought leaders from the National Labs, and government program managers to tackle thorny technology, policy, and legal roadblocks. His work is helping government and industry to better share resources and expertise to confront the evolving cyber risk landscape.

RACHEL LANSPA – Consultant

Rachel LanspaRachel joined Nexight in 2016 as an Analyst. Since then, she has provided writing, editing, data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and project management support to our clients in industry, government, and academia. Her skillful approach, reliable dedication to delivering quality results on deadline, and collaborative manner have helped our clients deliver meaningful work to advance organic food guidelines, low-carbon energy options, regenerative medicine therapies, and manufacturing technology innovations.

Rachel also helps to lead Nexight’s social media efforts and, perhaps most importantly, remains the steward of Nexight’s cherished Waffle Wednesdays, which (we hope) will make a triumphant return in 2021. This is Rachel’s second promotion in four years.

JACK HOLMES – Consultant

Jack HolmesJack joined Nexight in 2016 and rapidly distinguished himself as a thorough analyst, capable communicator, and effective leader of projects. In 2019, he led several highly technical roadmapping activities for the Electric Power Research Institute, provided landscape analysis and roadmap development for ASTM’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, and supported efforts to enhance the cybersecurity of the nation’s electric grid.

Jack is skillful in leading interactions with clients, listening carefully to their needs and suggesting approaches that more than meet them. Because of his skills, he is a highly sought collaborator on many Nexight projects. This is also Jack’s second promotion in four years.


Anthony D'AndreaSince joining Nexight in 2019, Anthony has endeared himself to all who work with him. His thoughtful approach, incisive questions, and dedication to serving our clients has helped him to make exceptional contributions to many clients in our energy, health, and infrastructure programs.

Anthony also supports Nexight’s social media outreach and spearheaded Nexight’s 100% employee-led effort to gain recognition as one of Washington DC’s Best Places to Work. He presented the opportunity to management, led efforts to encourage employees to complete the required survey, and led Nexight’s contingent at the (virtual) awards ceremony.

Congratulations to Patrick, Steve, Rachel, Jack, and Anthony on these important career milestones! Thank you for everything you do for Nexight and our clients.

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