Victoria Markovitz
Creating Engaging Facebook Posts
Victoria MarkovitzAugust 12, 2014

Jason Howie, Flickr

Jason Howie, Flickr

Nexight is excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook page. Facebook offers businesses a chance to spark conversations with their customers and target audiences, and to personalize the voice of their companies. When working with Facebook pages, businesses need to recognize the social nature of the site. Facebook users mostly use the site to connect with friends by commenting on posts and tagging pictures. For businesses, Facebook pages must strike a balance between providing information about companies, and housing content Facebook users will find useful and interesting.

To keep our Facebook fans involved with our page, Nexight is following some best practices for creating engaging Facebook content. We want to share these tips for crafting Facebook posts that will keep your fans happy:

  1. Keep it conversational: Facebook users respond better to more informal and personable posts. Find “the voice” of your company, and use it throughout your page.
  2. Think visually: Facebook allows you to choose images to include with links, and to post photos and other media. A more visual page attracts more likes and comments.
  3. Be succinct: Users respond most to posts that are 80 characters or less.
  4. Be creative: Facebook displays basic Web page information with posts. Don’t repeat any of this information when crafting your text. Instead use interesting content from the piece – such as quotes from an article, questions about the content, or interesting facts and statistics – to better engage users. People respond twice as much to posts with questions than to those without.
  5. Be timely: Relevant topics will encourage more shares and responses. Think about what interests your audience.Relate posts to recent events.
  6. Vary content: Many marketers suggest the 80/20 rule for Facebook pages. Post 20% brand-specific content, such as special offers, and 80% engaging content that promotes sharing, such as links to news articles your audience will find interesting. Facebook pages should aim to engage with an audience, rather than simply serve as a marketing tool. Post a range of content – such as photos, links to blog posts, and videos – to keep the page engaging.
  7. Experiment: Once a page reaches 30 likes, Facebook makes page statistics available. Use this to analyze how your audience is responding to posts. What type of content do your fans respond to most? What time of day are they most engaged? Tailor your page to fit your audience.

Nexight is looking forward to growing our page, and creating a space for people interested in our company to have meaningful interactions and find valuable content. Click on the “like” button on the left to follow our page – and feel free to comment on your favorite Facebook posts.