Warren Hunt

In a prior post, I discussed the need for collaboration and data sharing across the materials community to advance the Materials Innovation Infrastructure. The announcement of collaboration between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ASM International on a data demonstration effort takes an important step toward realizing this collaboration objective. The collaboration, titled the Structural Materials Data Demonstration Project, will establish an open access data repository focused on structural metallic materials. Ultimately, it will provide access to data that will enable the materials community to accelerate progress in addressing the current challenges identified through the Materials Genome Initiative, through data analytics, modeling and simulation, and application in engineering education.

The data repository will include a range of data types at various scales, ranging from atomic to macroscopic. It will include data representative of that used in the design, development, and manufacturing of structural metallic materials. The project will establish a standardized way to represent and organize this data to increase its usefulness.

A pilot repository for the Structural Materials Data Demonstration Project is currently being developed, and a more extensive repository will be formed as the project gains increased interest from the materials community. The data repository will be housed in the Materials Data Laboratory of the Computational Materials Data Network, an effort that Nexight Group has been helping ASM International to facilitate since late 2012. To help launch the Structural Materials Data Demonstration Project, we will be responsible for program development and outreach.

While both the Structural Materials Data Demonstration Project and the larger Computational Materials Data Network efforts are still at an early stage, I am hopeful that they will not only create valuable tools and resources but also serve as a model for community engagement. There is much work to be done.