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Nexight facilitation training

Nexight facilitation training

As Nexight Group approaches our five-year anniversary, Jack and I find ourselves reflecting on what has made us successful and what more we can do to serve our clients. We’ve come to one conclusion: Our people are the key to our success, so we need to invest in them!

We have an amazing team of bright, motivated, capable people in all stages of their careers. As we grow, we continue to look for smart, skilled people who bring diverse experiences and backgrounds to our team. Quite simply, investing in the continued growth and career development of our employees is a no brainer.

This year we launched the Nexight Academy, an internal training program designed to turn our professional staff into self-sufficient consulting entrepreneurs who can run their own businesses. That’s right: the goal of the Nexight Academy is to give our people the technical, business, and people skills needed to succeed as independent consultants.

But wait, couldn’t they just leave Nexight Group after their training and set up their own competing firm? Yes, but we embrace this philosophy for four reasons:

  1. Entrepreneurism is fun. The type of people attracted to work at Nexight Group are intellectually curious and creative. They like a challenge. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking on new challenges and finding creative ways to overcome them. By cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and providing the tools needed to thrive, our people can take control of their careers by building a consulting practice that suits their skills, interests, and passions.
  2. Entrepreneurs get stuff done and never say “I can’t”. Our clients pay us to solve problems. Any actions we take that complicate or delay that process add unnecessary cost and time and frustrate customers. Entrepreneurs feel the same way – they don’t make excuses and don’t tolerate them from others. Rather, they maintain a laser-focus on getting the job done, knocking down barriers to progress along the way. As this blog post says, entrepreneurs embody passion, perseverance, resourcefulness, open-mindedness, and a love of learning—all essential ingredients to getting stuff done.
  3. Entrepreneurs are not paralyzed by fear of failure, they learn from it. At Nexight Group, we believe strongly that experimentation and failure are essential parts of innovating. We constantly push ourselves to re-invent our products, business models, and internal processes in search of ways to deliver more value to our clients. We make mistakes. But by identifying mistakes early, learning from them, and continuing to experiment, our successes outnumber our mistakes and we grow.
  4. We believe in empowering people. Many companies fear their employees will leave and often under-invest in training as a result. We align more with Richard Branson’s famous quote: “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” We want people to have the skills they need to be successful consulting entrepreneurs because they will then be empowered to own their careers. Our commitment to treating our people well ensures they will have long, rewarding, and fulfilling careers at Nexight Group.

By working together as entrepreneurs, we can best serve our clients’ needs and improve the capabilities of Nexight Group as a whole. If successful, our long-term growth will be assured. If people leave along the way to create their own ventures, so be it! Competition is nothing to fear. It helps push us to work smarter and innovate more. Plus, we are always looking to partner with smart entrepreneurs to solve today’s complex problems while mutually benefiting.

If this philosophy appeals to you, consider joining our team. We are actively recruiting for a number of openings and are always interested in connecting with smart, curious, passionate people.

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