Victoria Markovitz
Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages
Victoria MarkovitzNovember 19, 2015

LinkedIn LogoMore and more companies are turning to LinkedIn to engage with clients and attract new business, but it takes more than just setting up an account to get the results you want.

From 2013 to 2014, the number of LinkedIn members who used company pages almost doubled, rising from 24 percent to 57 percent. This shows the growing impact these pages have with LinkedIn’s over 400 million users. But, how do you better engage the followers you have and attract more?

Nexight uses LinkedIn to share original content, promote our subject matter experts, stay connected to current and past clients, and introduce our company to new people and potential new clients. Here’s what we found works best for creating relevant LinkedIn content to meet our social media goals:

  1. Focus on your company and industry: People join LinkedIn to network and bolster their careers. The most successful LinkedIn posts will provide insight into a company or industry. According to LinkedIn, 60 percent of members are interested in industry insights, 53 percent are interested in company news, and 43 percent are interested in new products or services. Keep the posts on your page relevant to your company and industry to keep your followers engaged.
  2. Start discussions: Posts that contain questions get 50 percent more comments. Start discussions with your followers to build their relationship with your page and your company.
  3. Show your expertise: Employees within your company can join group discussions on LinkedIn to contribute their expert advice and insights to relevant industry conversations. When applicable, they can link to your company page to help grow your user base. If many people like and reply to a person’s comments in a group, they can become a “Top Influencer” and build a stronger LinkedIn reputation.
  4. Be succinct: Social media users respond best to short posts. Keep your posts focused and professional, and use language relevant to your industry. One study found that the ideal length for LinkedIn posts was about 20 to 25 words.
  5. Don’t sell: Don’t use the page to pitch your products. Rather, use it as an opportunity to build relationships and your company’s reputation.
  6. Showcase your company: While you don’t want to use LinkedIn for sales pitches, the company page provides opportunities to show followers what your company has to offer. You can create pages to highlight your products and services and embed videos that show your company’s value.

As I have written in the past about Facebook and Twitter, tailoring your marketing approach to each social media site will bring the best results. To keep your current audience engaged and attract more followers, use LinkedIn to build relationships and focus posts on your company and industry.