Ross Brindle
Announcing Six Promotions at Nexight
Ross BrindleJanuary 23, 2019

In 2018, Nexight Group enjoyed our most successful year in history. Records set this year include:

  • Most new clients served
  • Most new partnerships established
  • Largest team (currently 30 full-time staff and several part-timers)
  • Most new business secured
  • Highest revenue and profitability
  • Record-level investment in our physical and virtual workspaces, with emphasis on collaboration tools that provide maximum flexibility to employees and minimize interruptions to client work

As we enter 2019, Nexight is the strongest it has ever been. Success in consulting stems from the quality, effort, and dedication of its people. The results we achieved last year are proof positive that we have the best team in the business.

Results like these demand promotions! So, it is my distinct pleasure to announce the promotion of six Nexight employees:

Fred Hansen – Principal Consultant
Fred Hansen Fred joined Nexight in January 2018 and immediately began making important contributions to our strategic planning and performance measurement practice areas, leveraging the deep expertise he has built during 30 years in the business. In his new role, Fred will continue to serve clients inside and outside the federal government, including at the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Science Foundation. Fred will also work with colleagues at Nexight to further strengthen our expert consulting practice in performance management, which is focused on helping organizations build truly strategic plans and then measure and evaluate the effectiveness of their operations and personnel in implementing those plans.

Lindsay Kishter – Director
Lindsay Kishter Lindsay has played a key role in client success and business development since we started Nexight in 2010. Her sharp strategic and communications skills and her dedication to client service create high demand for her and her team, leading to a growing presence at the Departments of Energy, Agriculture, and Homeland Security. In her new role, she will direct Nexight’s practice areas in energy and agriculture by growing her team that helps clients design new programs, articulate compelling messaging, facilitate industry engagement, and communicate technical results in fresh ways. She will also serve as part of the senior leadership of the firm, helping to drive Nexight’s business growth and client service in the years to come.

Sarah Lichtner – Director
Sarah Lichtner Sarah has spearheaded the firm’s growth in the health and medicine space, working with colleagues to provide important support to clients in government, academia, and the non-profit sector, including the National Institute for Aging, the Kidney Health Initiative, the National Center for Cell Manufacturing at Georgia Tech, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and many others. Her background in scientific and medical writing combine with her management, facilitation, and analytical skills to equip her to lead key initiatives for Nexight’s clients. In her new role, Sarah will manage a team of technical writers and editors who touch nearly every product Nexight creates. She will also continue to manage large, time-intensive projects that bring diverse stakeholders together to think differently about emerging scientific challenges, with a focus on health and medicine.

Jack Holmes – Technical Project Associate
Jack Holmes Since Jack joined the Nexight team in 2016, he has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality strategic and technical consulting support to numerous clients including the U.S. Departments of Energy, ASTM International, Pratt & Whitney, the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. True to Nexight’s core values, Jack also launched and leads Nexight Serves, a company-sponsored community service program that provides colleagues with rewarding opportunities to benefit the local community and make a positive impact in the world. In his new role, Jack will continue to broaden Nexight’s technical capabilities and further expand his role as an internal subject matter expert in the fields of energy, materials science, advanced manufacturing, and beyond.

Rachel Lanspa – Communications Associate
Rachel Lanspa Since starting at Nexight in the summer of 2016, Rachel has proven to be a versatile, thoughtful, reliable, and innovative member of the Nexight team. She combines her background in communications and technology with skills in analysis and data visualization to develop high-quality products in complex topics related to energy, health, and agriculture for a variety of clients, including the Propane Education & Research Council, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In her new role, Rachel will help to ensure that Nexight products communicate technical topics in ways that quickly convey the most important information and drive stakeholders to act.

Kate McClaskey – Associate
Kate McClaskey Kate has quickly proven herself an in-depth researcher, a strong critical thinker, and a valued team member willing to take on new challenges. Kate has a knack for diving deep in the weeds on thorny technology and policy issues and emerging with insightful analysis that is easy for non-experts to digest. She has been the research engine behind several complex topics and security and resilience studies for our clients at the Department of Homeland Security. She applies her expertise in legal and policy analysis to identify key issues and insights that are now driving action at the highest levels of government. Her client products consistently exceed customer expectations in content and quality. As an associate, Kate will lead research and analysis efforts and broaden her expertise on key critical infrastructure topics.

Please join me in congratulating these exceptional consultants on their achievements!

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