Nexight Group

Responding to an Armed Intruder tabletop exercise presentation

On October 31, 2011, Nexight Group conducted a tabletop exercise on Responding to an Armed Intruder Incident as part of the 2011 Emergency Preparedness & Hazmat Response Conference. The exercise was designed to help facility owners and first responders understand the special planning and response needs of an active shooter event. Nexight Group’s president Jack Eisenhauer teamed up with security expert Jim McGinty, vice president of training and safety at Covenant Security Services, to facilitate their 20th active shooter tabletop exercise for chemical facility owners.

Mr. Eisenhauer and Mr. McGinty have been conducting active shooter tabletop exercises as part of a program supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The half-day exercise teaches plant employees, security managers, law enforcement, and first responders what to expect and how to respond if a gunman enters a chemical plant and threatens or harms people or processes. It allows representatives of law enforcement and chemical facilities to share information on the decisions they make, how they operate, and how to improve communications and coordination. The tabletop exercises are sponsored by the DHS Chemical Sector-Specific Agency in collaboration with state chemical industry councils, first responder organizations, and other security partners.

Nexight Group was recognized as a Conference Champion during a ceremony at the opening session of the 2011 Emergency Preparedness & Hazmat Response Conference. “We are very pleased to be a part of this important conference,” said Mr. Eisenhauer. “The response to these exercises has been overwhelming. With this session, we have now trained more than 1,600 practitioners on how to prepare and respond to an active shooter event.”

Read more about Nexight Group’s tabletop exercises. Contact Jack Eisenhauer at 240.206.6626 for more information.